This site is designed for beginning programmers who are studying C++ programming with Microsoft Visual C++.
(These materials utilize the AP classes developed by the College Board.)
Not designed for Visual C++ Express (10 or 12).
While the problems are applicable, the coding will need tweaking.

Note:  These on-line materials were originally used to supplement the first year in a two year high school program leading to the AB level of the Advanced Placement (AP*) Examination in Computer Science (C++), and as such, utilize the AP classes.


Beginning Programming in C++
Units of Study
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              Computer Science 1
                   First Semester

Unit 1:  Introduction
    Using Visual C++ Environment
  Screen Manipulations
  Unit 2:  Data Basics
   AP Strings
   Unit 3:  Conditionals
  Unit 4:  Looping
   Unit 5:  Functions
         Computer Science 2
            Second Semester

  •  Unit 6:  Library Functions
  •  Unit 7: Files
  •  Unit 8: Arrays
  •  Unit 9: Structures
  •  Unit 10:  Pointers
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