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Making a Broken Line Graph

We will be preparing a menu driven window to display line graphs, bar graphs or pie graphs depending upon the user's choice.  We will first investigate each of our three graphing options, and when finished will combine the three choices to form our final menu driven program.  We will start with the Line Graph.

Task:  Display a line graph representing the number of A's, B's, C's, D's and F's on the Java Programming Final Examination.

1.  Decide how the window will look.  We need 5 labeled areas to receive user input.
                   Label LabelA = addLabel("A", 1,1,1,1);
                   IntegerField FieldA = addIntegerField(0,1,2,1,1);

Divide the top of the window into the Labeled areas
and the Field areas for the user input.

2.  The word GRAPH is going to appear on the left side of the window such that when clicked will
display a menu of choices.  Right now, our only choice will be Line (for Line Graph).  
               MenuItem lineChoice = addMenuItem("Graph", "Line");

3.  Decide upon the coordinates of the placement of the graph in the window.  We will need the x-coordinate of the left side and the right side, as well as the y-coordinate of the top and the bottom of our grid.
4.  Establish a "constructor" to set the initial values in the program.  See the example demo. 

A constructor is a special type of method that creates a new object.  It has the same name as its class and has no return value.  The basic function of a method is to execute code, while the only purpose of a constructor is to create an instance of a class.

5.  Use the paint method to draw the graph.

6.  Draw the graph such that:

  • the letter grades are placed along the x-axis

  • the frequency numbers are placed along the y-axis

  • a dot is drawn at each grade value

  • the dots are connected to form a line graph

Methods will be used for procedures that will eventually be shared by all three graphing options - line graph, bar graph, and pie graph.

  The y-scale values can not exceed the number of pixels used to create the y-axis.

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