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To Trace a Function

Graph and Geometry Screen


Let's examine the functions
1 and y = x + 6.


Do not rely on the TRACE to find intersection points.
Use the intersection command.


Enter the functions
into f1(x)
and f2(x).
Hit ESC or TAB to move into the graph area.

To TRACE on the graph:
Press MENU
#5 Trace and # 1 Graph Trace

Use the NavPad left/right arrows to move on the graph.


Arrow UP to move between graphs.


Arrow UP again to engage the trace on BOTH graphs.



Now, arrow right/left to see values on BOTH graphs.

To find a specific value while tracing:
To "jump" to a certain x-coordinate on the screen,
press MENU - #5 Trace - #1 Graph Trace - Enter.

Now, simply type the x-coordinate that you desire. The ordered pair will appear and the spider will be located at the closest plotable point.

If you choose a value out of the current viewing window, the graph will adjust to include your new point.

For this graph, the x-coordinate 22 was selected. Notice the dotted line indicating the location on the x-axis as well as the ordered pair (22,-8).

find a point
For this example, f1(x)=-1/2x + 3 and f2(x) = 0.5x²
Up and down arrows will move between functions.

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