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The Viewing Window

Let's look at the viewing window under the Geometry & Graphing page.

Notice that the Standard Window (shown at the right) is not the familiar 10 x 10 window we saw on the TI-83+/84+. On the TI-Nspire, the standard window is 20 x 13.29, where the aspect ratio is maintained. This means that graphs will not be distorted because one axis displays a larger scale than the other axis. The tick marks, of two units, are of equal length on both axes.

Standard Window

Press MENU- #4 Window and arrow right to see the window options.

Use the NavPad arrows to move around these menus.

To set your own window:
Press MENU - #4 Window -
#1 Window Setting

to control the window to any dimensions you enter.
When you create your own window, you may lose the 1:1 aspect ratio of the window.

window choices

There are several "zoom" features. Let's take a look at "Zoom in".
Adjust the window by choosing MENU - #4 Window - #3 Zoom
Move the magnifying glass to where you wish the new center to be located and press ENTER.
Pressing ESC will remove the magnifying glass. Press MENU - #4 - #5 Standard to return to the standard window.

zoom in 2


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