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Searching for a Specific Value

***Definition:  A key is a value that you are looking for in an array.

The simplest type of searching process is the sequential search.  In the sequential search, each element of the array is compared to the key, in the order it appears in the array, until the first element matching the key is found.  If you are looking for an element that is near the front of the array, the sequential search will find it quickly.  The more data that must be searched, the longer it will take to find the data that matches the key using this process.

//sequential search routine (non-function ... used in main)
#include <iostream.h>
#include <apvector.h>
int main(void)
      apvector <int> array(10);
      //"drudge" filling the array
      array[0]=20; array[1]=40; array[2]=100; array[3]=80; array[4]=10; 
      array[5]=60; array[6]=50; array[7]=90; array[8]=30; array[9]=70;
      cout<< "Enter the number you want to find (from 10 to 100)";
      int key;
      cin>> key; 
      int flag = 0;    // set flag to off

      for(int i=0; i<10; i++)    // start to loop through the array
            if (array[i] == key)   // if match is found
                   flag = 1;   // turn flag on
                   break ;    // break out of for loop
      if (flag)    // if flag is TRUE (1)
           cout<< "Your number is at subscript position " << i <<".\n";
           cout<< "Sorry, I could not find your number in this array."<<endl<<endl;
     return 0;

Now that we understand the elementary concept of the sequential search, let us examine the sequential search used in a function.  While our example above worked for an array of 10 elements, our function will work for any size array -- a better approach:

//Sequential Search Function
//function receives the address of the array and the key to be found

int SequentialSearch (apvector <int> &array, int key)
      int index = 0;   // set starting subscript to zero
      while( (index < array.length( )) && (key != array[index]))
            // loop while elements remain and key not found. 
            if (array[index] != key)
      return (index); // if function returns a value less than array size,
                              // the value was found