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AP Classes and String Variables
(Download these classes, if you have not already done so.)

The Advanced Placement Computer Science (APCS) Committee is the committee responsible for creating the APCS Examination.  They have created a variety of C++ tools, based on the C++ standard, for the beginning programmer.  One such tool, features the creation of an apstring data type.  The letters "ap" associated with these tools let you know that they are not part of your current C++ compiler, but were developed by the APCS Committee.

The AP* tool needed to use this new string variable is apstring.cpp, and this new variable is declared as being of type apstring.  Using the type apstring is similar to using int, double, and char

You must use   #include "apstring.cpp"   to have access to this special apstring data type.  You must install the AP Classes in the "include" directory of your software before using them.  A link to the AP Classes can be found on the C++ main (opening) page.

//sample program
#include <iostream.h>
#include "apstring.cpp"

int main(void)
     apstring CrewName;      //declare variable

     CrewName = "Neelix";       //initialize variable

     return 0;


The use of the apstring class will eliminate all of the problems of dealing with character string arrays that we have seen.  With the apstring class we can initialize string variables whenever and wherever we wish and the computer will automatically keep track of the length of the string.

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