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Creating a Sequential Access File
as a text file in VC++

Steps to create a sequential access file as a text file in Visual C++:

1.  Create a project 
(This project will hold your file and your .cpp program.)

2.  Choose New -- Text file (bottom of chart)  
      (Name your text file the same name that you wish to give your sequential file.)

3.  Enter your file information - your data. 
(Be careful of formatting - remember about hitting enter or allowing for whitespace.)

4.  Save this file - it will save with a .txt extension.  Then CLOSE.

5.  Choose New -- C++ Source File
Write  your C++ program to access your new file.)


Look to the left hand side of your screen -- to the workspace area. 
Click the "File View" tab at the bottom.
Click the "+" to expand the listings.
You should see your new sequential file listed as a .txt among the entries.