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// sample program to create a file with user input
// program will create a file containing 5 sets of entries of name and age

#include<assert.h>                            // needed to detect file errors
#include<fstream.h>                         // necessary for file I/O
#include "apstring.cpp"

int main(void)
     apstring name, dummy;
     int age;
     ofstream fout;             // declares stream variable called fout"name_age.dat", ios :: out);                // create file
     assert(! ));                                      // to detect any access errors

    for(int x = 1; x <= 5; x++)
         cout << "Enter your name: ";                    // get name from user
         getline(cin, name);                                    // allowing for multiple word entry
         cout << "Enter your age: ";                       // get age from user
         cin >> age;
         getline(cin, dummy);                                  //flush the stream

         fout << name << endl;        //write name to file on its own line
        fout << age << endl;           // write age to the file

    fout.close( );                            //close the file
    assert(! ));                // to detect any errors in closing

    return 0;

Beware!!  When using getline(  ,  ) to obtain information for the file, be sure that the string is sent to the file as ONE LINE OF INFORMATION.

If this does not occur, you will not be able to read the information from the file at a future date.  Do NOT use "  " to separate such strings.