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Open the Software:  Create a New Project

Refer to your tri-fold brochure,
Microsoft Visual C++
Quick Reference Guide,

 as you read through this page
 for the first time. 

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 is a powerful, sophisticated software package.  It can be used by a novice or by a professional designing sophisticated Windows applications.  In this introductory course, we will only be using a small portion of the capabilities of this software package.
Let's get started!   

Open the Software ( MS Visual C++)   (If you are working on a networked system, you will need to login to your system and then access MS Visual C++.)

If you are working in a PC environment:
1.  Open Start Menu
2.  Select Programs
3.  Select MS Visual C++ 6.0

When the Tip of the Day dialog box appears, close it by clicking on the Close button.  If you do not want to see the Tip of the Day every time you open Visual C++, click the Show tips at Startup check box to remove the check mark and deselect this feature.


Create a New Project (refer to your tri-fold brochure)

Microsoft Visual C++ offers an easy-to-use GUI, graphical user interface.  It contains a Project Workspace window, an Editor window (where you will write your programming code), and an Output Message window (where you will see your error messages).

1. Pull down FILE menu

2.  Select NEW 



Visual C++ organizes programming tasks into projects.  EVERY program that you write MUST be placed within a project before it can be compiled and executed.

3.  Select PROJECT tab

4.  Select 
Win32 Console Application

5.  Enter a project name

6. Click OK

** Be very careful NOT to select "Win32 Application" by mistake as this will cause BIG problems for your programs in this course.






7.  Select Empty Project

8.  Click Finish

9.  Click OK


Good job!!  You have just set up your project.  Now let's move on to writing programs. 


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