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Write Your Program

Refer to your tri-fold brochure,
Microsoft Visual C++
Quick Reference Guide,

as you read  through this page
  for the first time

Once you have created your project, it is time to start typing the source code for your program.

1.  Pull down the FILE menu

2.  Select NEW

3.  Select the FILE tab

4.  Select C++ Source File

5.  Enter a file name
Your project name and your file name can be the same if you wish.  Your source code files will have the extension .cpp

6.  Click OK


You  will now see the three main windows of MS Visual C++.

The Project Workspace (on the left) has two tabs named Class View and File View at the bottom.  We will be using the File View tab to determine if all of the needed files are contained within a project.  

When you begin typing your source code you will notice that different words will appear in different colors.  This feature will help you distinguish between such items as reserved coding words and comments.

OR ... to Write Your Program you may ....

... click the NEW TEXT FILE icon on the toolbar (far left).  If you use this icon, save immediately to engage the color coding when writing your program.  Then select Project, then Add to Project, and Files from the main menu.  Name the program something.cpp.  Type code.


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