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Segments and Circles
(already made -- ready to use file)

(Materials for use with Geometer's Sketchpad 4.0 or higher -- not GSP 3.0)

Investigate the segments formed by two intersecting chords, two intersecting secants, an intersecting tangent and secant and two intersecting tangents as they relate to a circle with this menu driven exploration.  The pages with all options "in view" are shown below.

  This program was designed to be shown on a 1024 x 768 computer screen.
(This is one file containing 5 different pages.)

These pages were designed for classroom demonstration.  Each of the 4 demo pages allows for the dragging of the endpoints of the segments to create new situations.  The "rule" connected with each situation is hidden under a "Show" button.

This .gsp file is to be used only by individual teachers in their own classrooms.
Please refer to Terms of Use.


(only for GSP 4.0 or higher)

General (and simple) Directions:  
  • Be sure that the students have chosen the arrow in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
  • Be sure that the screen is maximized so that the tabs at the bottom of the screen are visible.  (The middle box at the right is showing a screen in maximized view.)
  • Read and follow the directions that appear on the page. 
    "SHOW" means the values will appear when you click on the button.  "HIDE" means the values will disappear when you click on the button. 
  • To end the exploration, choose FILE - CLOSE.  When the box asking if you wish to "Save Changes" appears, choose NO.  This will keep the file in the same state as when you started working.  None of the students' changes (or messing) will be saved.







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