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Message Boxes

A message box displays a message on the screen.  When activated by a button, the message string appears in a separate box.  A literal statement can be sent to the message box (as seen below) or a variable may be sent to the message box.

messageBox ("I love Java!!!");

To close the box, click the OK button
(or the x in the upper right corner of the window).

The message box can accept a String, double or integer as a parameter.

// Example of message box

import java.awt.*;
import BreezyGUI.*;

public class Box extends GBFrame

     Button displayButton = addButton("Display Message",4,1,2,1);

     public void buttonClicked (Button buttonObj)
          String outputstring = "I love Java!!!";  // build an output string
          messageBox(outputstring);                // send the output string to the box
     public static void main(String[] args)
          Frame frm=new Box( );

To print a money amount in a message box, use DecimalFormat
(don't forget import java.text.*;)

//display calculations to look like a true money amount
DecimalFormat money= new DecimalFormat ("0.00");
outputString="Your profit will be: $"+money.format(profit)+".";


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