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Set the Default Settings on your
JBuilder Software

  1. Install JBuilder and install the BreezyGUI files.  (See Installing JBuilder and Breezy for help.)
  2. Create a folder on your C drive, and call it MyJavaProjects.
  3. Open the JBuilder software.
  4. From the menu bar at the top, choose Project.  Choose Default Project Properties. 
    Under the Paths tab, type the entries exactly as shown in the picture below and then choose OK.  (To change the last two entries, highlight and use the EDIT button to the right.  When the directory list appears, simply type the needed path into the DIRECTORY box at the bottom, to create the new path.)

    (You can also use the ellipsis ("...") on the right to change paths.)

     5.  While you are on this window, also can also set the "Required Libraries" to include
          MyLibraries, if you have not already done so when setting up the BreezyGUI files from
          the Install page.
          Select the "Required Libraries" tab and use the Add button on the right.
          If you do not "see" MyLibraries as a choice, you have not yet set up your BreezyGUI


     6.  In this same window, under the Code Style tab, under Braces choose Next line.
Then choose OK.

     You are now all set to begin writing your own programs.


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