Estimating Ages of Famous People
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About the Slideshow:
     The slideshow contains twenty slides of pictures of famous personalities, such as the one shown at the right.
     As the slides are shown, students are asked to guess the ages of the personalities and record their answers on the accompanying worksheet.

About the Accompanying Worksheets:
     The Algebra 1 worksheet asks students to prepare a graphing calculator scatter plot using the estimated ages and the actual ages of the personalities.  Questions are asked about line of best fit, linear regression, extrapolation, interpolation, and correlation coefficient.
     The Junior worksheet asks students to prepare a scatter plot by hand and find a line of best fit. Questions are asked about line of best fit,  extrapolation, interpolation and examination of the data.

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Appropriate for middle level or Algebra 1 students.
Disclaimer:  All photographs used in this presentation are listed in the Public Domain, or Creative Common CC 2.0.

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