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Quick Graphing Tidbits

1.  To find the y-intercept:
Hit menu, #5 TRACE, #1 Graph Trace. The spider will start on the y-axis, showing the y-intercept.
y intercept

2.  To find the x-intercept: 
The x-intercept of a graph is also known as the "root" or the "zero" of the function.
Press MENU - #5 - #1 to TRACE the graph.
Use the NavPad to move the trace point to the x-axis. As you approach the x-axis, the spider will "jump" to the zero location. When the zero icon appears, you have found a zero of the function.
Read more about Zeros. 
x intercept

3.  To find where the graphs intersect:
A second graph is plotted equation.
Press MENU - #6 Points & Lines - #3 Intersection Points
When the pointing hand appears, click on each graph
and all intersections points will be found.

Read more about Intersection Points

intersection points

4.  To find a specific value while tracing:
To "jump" to a certain x-coordinate on the screen,
press MENU - #5 Trace - #1 Graph Trace - Enter.
Now, simply type the x-coordinate that you desire. The ordered pair will appear and the spider will be located at the closest plotable point.

If you choose a value out of the current viewing window, the graph will adjust to include your new point.

For this graph, the x-coordinate 22 was selected. Notice the dotted line indicating the location on the x-axis as well as the ordered pair (22,-8).

find a point
Up and down arrows will move between functions.
5.  Controlling what the graph looks like (attributes):
Be sure the command line is referring to the graph you wish to alter.
Press tab
to move along the options on the command (entry) line.
The eye2 is the Hide/Show button.
The right clickis the Attribute button. The attributes appear below.
pop up attributes
Line Weight: Thin, Medium, Thick
Line Style: Solid, Dashed, Dotted
label style
Label Style: y =, f( ), f( )=, y = f( ), f
Continuous or Discrete



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