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The TI-Nspire has a hard-wired
Identification Number.

Hit the HOME key.
From the HOME screen, choose #8 System Info.

Home Key
Choose #4 ABOUT.
The number listed after Product ID: will be the calculators unique Identification Number. 
Be careful to copy the number correctly.

Idnetify Pic 1
Idnetify Pic 2

Be sure to record this Identification Number in a secure location.

If your calculator is lost or stolen, you will most likely be asked to identify the calculator by this number.

ID pic

Operating System

This same screen will tell you about your operating system (OS).

Under the designation "Version:" you will find the number of your operating system and the date it was issued by Texas Instruments.

Notice the different versions and dates between the two "About" screens shown on this page!

About OS


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