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notes home

notes blank

To insert a page for notes, choose option #4 Notes from the HOME screen or press CTRL I (to choose the insertion of a note page). The screen at the right above is the Default note screen.

note templates
Press the MENU button to see the available options under the Note section.
Notice #1 Templates.
QA screen
The Q&A screen comes set up for entering questions and answers. These can be pre-created by the teacher and
sent to students, or students can create their own Q&A.
Proof Screen
Like the Q&A screen, the proof screen is all set of entering statements and reasons for a two-column proof.


When typing proofs, you will need to remember where to locate the symbols
for proper entry of such terminology as measure AB versus segment AB. The segment bar, as well as line, ray, angle, etc. are located under the MENU - #2 INSERT - #2 SHAPE.

proof syntax

Refer to the menu map of the Notes area below:
note menu


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