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Function Tables

Graph and Geometry Screen


Let's create tables for the functions
1 and y = x + 6.




Let's establish a table of values, function tables, for our two functions.

To create a TABLE:
Press MENU
#2 View and # 8 Add Function Table (CTRL - T)

The TABLE will appear in split screen
so you can observe the graph and the table together .
Use up/down/left/right arrows to move within the TABLE.
Use CTRL-TAB to move between graph and table.



To control the TABLE SETUP:
From within the TABLE, press MENU, #5 Function Table
and #3 Edit Function Table Settings.


You can now control what will be seen in the TABLE.
Use TAB to move within this screen.
Enter a START value.
Enter an INCREMENT (STEP) within the TABLE.


Press CTRL - Z (undo) repeatedly to remove a table.


You can also remove a table by doing the following:

1. Position yourself in the table window.
Remember to use CTRL-TAB to move between multiple windows on the screen.

2. Press CTRL-K to select that window (the edge of the window will blink)

3. Press Clear to remove the table from its window.

4. Press Tools (CTRL-HOME), #5 Page Layout, #2 Select Layout,
#1 Layout 1
(the default full page layout) to return to a full screen graph.

5. Whew!

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