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Data & Statistics Page

data stat page
data empty

If you choose the Data & Statistics application as your first page, you will see the message
"No lists in this problem". This message indicates this application's connection with the
Lists & Spreadsheets application, where you will enter your data.
Hint: You may also get this message if you forget to NAME your list in the Lists & Spreadsheets.)

Your data must be entered in the Lists & Spreadsheets.

data menu

Hover over the "Click to add variable" area of the screen to add the name of the list of the data.

A "generic" plot will appear, such as seen at the left, until you choose Plot Type from the MENU.


Menus for Data & Statistics:

map1 map2 map3map3b



arrow left
NOTE: While this section will show a regression curve and its equation, all other statistics regarding the regression are found under the Lists and Spreadsheets.



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