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Graphing Derivatives

The TI-83+/84+ calculators will produce graphs of the derivatives of functions.

Graph the derivative of the function: 

Step 1:

  Enter the function into Y1=.
Arrow down so the cursor is in the Y2= entry space.


Step 2:
the original function to see that your viewing window gives a good representation of the graph.

Step 3: 

We will be using the nDeriv command found under the MATH key.   Hit the MATH key and arrow down to choice #8 nDeriv(.

Step 4: 

The nDeriv command will appear in the Y2= entry space, where you left the cursor.
We will be using the parameters
nDeriv(Y1, X, X)


Step 5:
Step 6:

To more clearly distinguish the derivative graph, set the graph style to a thicker line (or graph the derivative separately).

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