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To RECEIVE a program,
press 2nd LINK.  Arrow to
the right to RECEIVE.  Press ENTER.  It should read "waiting..."

To SEND a program, press
2nd LINK.  Arrow to #3 Prgm
or #C APPS, hit
ENTER.  Arrow down to the
program(s)/APP(s) you wish to send.
Hit ENTER when you reach
the program.  A small diamond will appear in front of the name.
Arrow to the right - TRANSMIT.

To RUN a program, press PRGM.  Select the name of the program.  Hit ENTER.  The name appears on the home screen.  Press ENTER. 
 To EXIT a program at any time, hit ON and choose QUIT.

The TI-83+/84+ use 5 batteries: 
4 AAA alkaline batteries and one lithium battery.  The lithium battery provides auxiliary power to retain memory while you replace the AAA batteries.  When the battery voltage level drops below a usable level, the calculator displays a warning message when you turn it on.
When replacing batteries:
  - Do NOT remove both types of batteries (AAA and lithium) at the same
  - Do NOT mix new and old batteries.  Do NOT mix brands of batteries. 
     Install batteries according to polarity (+ and -).  Always turn off the
     calculator when replacing batteries.
   -  Please, dispose of batteries properly.


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