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Using the DRAW Menu

Draw a Line Segment - #2 Line(
        1.  On the graph screen:  This command draws a line segment when graph is displayed.  Press DRAW, #2 Line(.  Using the arrow keys, place cursor where you wish the line segment to start on the graph screen and hit ENTER.  Move the cursor to the end of the line segment and press ENTER.  As you can see, the segment may not be perfectly "smooth" due to the size of the screen pixels.                                


(DRAW elements cannot be traced!)


      2.  From the HOME screen:  From the home screen, you may designate specific coordinates for the line segment.  Line(X1, Y1, X2, Y2) and hit ENTER.  To erase a line segment type 0 as the fifth parameter:
                             Line (2, 3, 4, 6, 0) and hit ENTER.



**** To erase any DRAW elements, choose #1 ClrDraw.
DEFAULTS also clears the DRAW commands.


Draw a horizontal or vertical line - #3 Horizontal, #4 Vertical
       1.  To Draw a moveable line on your graph:  Hit GRAPH.  Choose DRAW, #4 Vertical.  Now move your cursor left and right to create a moving vertical line.  (Nice for demonstrating the Vertical Line Test for functions.)  The same applies to #3 Horizontal.  (Nice for demonstrating Horizontal Line Test for existence of inverse functions.)  To secure any of these lines, press ENTER.  To cancel, press CLEAR.

       2.  To Draw from the home screen:  From the home screen, press DRAW, #3 Horizontal.
Horizontal 7 and press ENTER.

                    draw5                          draw6

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