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Using TI-SmartView Software
(emulating the TI-84+)




The TI-SmartView software is a wonderful teaching tool, even if you are not lucky enough to have access to a SmartBoard (electronic whiteboard).  The images produced by the software can be projected onto a screen using a computer and a projection device.

The software projects a large (live) TI-84+ calculator onto the screen.  As you can see at the right, the Y='s window, the list, and the graph window can be visible simultaneously.  Other options also available for this column.


To the far right, a larger calculator screen or the pattern of keystrokes can be shown.
It is possible to control the size of the screens and what is displayed at any one time.

With Version 2.0 (call TI to upgrade), you can connect your handheld to the computer and run the SmartView calculator by pressing your handheld keys.  Download the APP called SmartPad which will enable your handheld to send keystroke signals to SmartView.  Unfortunately, you will not see the screens on the handheld during this process.

The SmartView will also run your CBR2 (not the older CBR) and CBL2 for classroom demonstrations.
(uses the silver USB cable to connect)

In addition to classroom use, this software package allows the teacher to capture calculator screen shots without the need for a connecting USB cable.


Choose TOOLS from the toolbar.
Choose Take Screenshot



The screen at the left will appear.
•  Using the magnifying glasses, shrink or enlarge the screenshot to meet your needs.  (Screen shots can be enlarged to be half of a regular sheet of paper if needed for activities.)
• Choose to keep or delete border around the screen.
• Choose Edit, Copy (or use the Copy icon).
Paste into your document.

In addition, the keystroke entries can be captured for use in documents.
• Highlight the keystrokes.
• Choose COPY from the toolbar. (right click will not work)
• Paste into your document.
Once pasted into your document, EACH keystroke is an individual graphic, so you can rearrange the order to your liking.

When updating Operating Systems, don't forget to update your TI-SmartView OS as well.
Download the latest OS to your computer.  Open FILE.  Choose LOAD FILE and find where you
placed the OS on your computer.  The update will start automatically.

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