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Working with the ViewScreen

Be careful to:

1.  attach the Velcro strap to the post of the overhead device to prevent an accidental jerk on the cable from displacing the viewscreen.

2.  plug in the black power supply each time you use your viewscreen.  If not connected, the viewscreen will draw its power from the calculator’s batteries and your calculator will die very quickly.

3.  remember that the calculator and the viewscreen will turn off after a certain length of inactivity.  Simply hit the "ON" key to resume.


4.  adjust clarity by adjusting the overhead projector.  Adjust screen darkness by adjusting the knob on the viewscreen and/or by darkening the calculator screen.
(2nd up arrow to darken, 2nd down arrow to lighten)

5.  turn off the calculator BEFORE disconnecting the cable attached to the calculator.  If you disconnect the cable while the calculator is turned on, you may “fry” the viewscreen.

6.  leave the calculator connected to the viewscreen (if possible).  Continual connecting and disconnecting to the cable, can wear on the pins and the brackets on the cable.

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