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Dead Calculator?

Is your calculator dead?  You change the batteries and it is still dead?

There are a few things you can try before arranging a funeral for the devicePlease understand that these attempts may not resurrect all dead calculators, but they are certainly worth a try.

1. Be sure your batteries are good and that you check the screen contrast (2nd up arrow or down arrow).  If the screen contrast is set very dark, it may appear that the calculator is dead. 

2.  If option 1 does not revive the calculator, remove ONE of the AAA batteries.  Hold down the "CLEAR" key while you put the battery back in.  Turn the calculator on while holding down the "CLEAR" key and then release the key.  If this does not resurrect the calculator, repeat this same process while holding down the "DELETE" key.

3.  If neither of the resets in option 2 work, remove ALL five of the batteries for at least 5 minutes (some technicians say wait 3 hours).  Yes, this includes removing the lithium battery, so have a small Phillips screwdriver handy.  After the wait time, replace all of the batteries.


If none of these "tricks" work, you will need to seek professional help from TI or arrange for that funeral (ie. buy a new calculator).  If your calculator has been physically damaged, these tricks will most likely not help. 

The age of a calculator is determined by the serial number on the back of the device.  The last four digits are the production month and year.  Contact Texas Instruments at to see if they will allow you to return a calculator for repair.


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