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Introduction to Graphing
on the TI-89 Titanium

From Y= Screen

To get to the Y= screen,
green diamond, F1.

What is available from this Y= screen?

#6 Zoom Standard creates
a 10 x 10 tick mark window.
Remember that the aspect ratio of the standard window is not 1:1.
TI-89 - 25:12 aspect ratio

F3 - Edit selected function2
Also, you can simply arrow up onto the function and press ENTER to edit.
F4 Select or deselect function
(√ mark shows to left of selected functions.  Selected functions are the ones that get graphed )
F5 - All Functions
Turn ALL functions off or on quickly.
F6 - Style of Graph
Change the style of the graph - dotted line, thicker line animated bubble, etc.


Set the Window

Use GREEN DIAMOND to execute the window option. TI-89 WINDOW above F2


Evaluating Specific Values

Get answer from the graph or from the Home screen.

1.  FROM the GRAPH screen:
Enter the function on the Y= screen. 5

Hit F3 - Trace.
Simply type 3 and hit ENTER.
You will see the screen below with your answer.


2.  FROM the HOME screen:
Enter the function on the Y= screen. Then go to HOME screen.7


Engage VAR – found above the subtraction key  - to find the Y1 variable.  Arrow down on that menu to find your function, Y1.


Now enter numeric value or variable.




Defining Functions

There are two ways to define a function on the Home screen as seen at the right.

 Once a function is defined, evaluations can be performed easily on the Home Screen

The first method is to use the DEFINE command. You may type the word, Define, or access it with tab F4 – Other menu #1

The second method is to use the [STO>] key.


Both methods are shown below:


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