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January 2021, Volume 15, Issue 1

    Happy New Year!!

ATTENTION Subscription Holders: The generic student LOGIN / PASSWORDS have been updated for January.

We apologize for any delays in our updates or responses. We continue to be bogged down with COVID-19 related emails, letters and calls. We are doing our best to assist teachers and students with on-line learning. We are doing our best to be helpful.

Please know that we applaud your bravery and dedication during this crisis. We are here to help you in any way that we can. Just let us know.

Remember: while we offer "assistance" to students, we continue to refrain from simply "giving an answer". We ask for students to show (or describe) their work for possible solutions, and then we suggest options that will lead to correct solutions. We find most students to be receptive to this process.

Pre-Calculus: Due to addressing teacher and student needs during COVID-19, we have still not returned to working on our PreCalculus section. Hopefully, by the end of this month, we may be able to get that ball rolling again. We are getting anxious to return there.

And yes, we will eventually return to work on aligning our materials with the new NY state standards, which will include updating and adding new materials across all of the sections.

Kudos: We know that you are doing a FANTASTIC JOB during this crisis - we see your efforts in action everyday!!! Big hugs to all of you!!!

Live long and love math,
Fred and Donna



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