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June, 2024, Volume 18, Issue 6

June is here! ☺

To everyone: Enjoy the summer!!!
You deserve it!!

Algebra 1 FOLKS: Hope your first new Regents Exam under Next Generation Standards went well. There are still some "items" that will be added to Algebra 1 over the summer to finish up some left overs.

Geometry FOLKS: The first section of Notebook updates are complete. The first Subscription area updates will pop up when a "section" is complete.
There are only a few changes that need to be included to address NY Next Generation, but we have some other new "items" we want to include across the units.

Algebra 2 FOLKS: Hang in there! Your updates and enhancements are coming. We won't abandon this "updating" process until your sections are finished.

Pre-Calculus FOLKS: I know you are tired of hearing that we are still going to create Pre-Calculus. Our apologies!
Pre-Calculus originally took the back burner when Common Core hit.
Now, it is stuck waiting on NY Next Generation.
We promise, if someone comes up with another new set of standards, they are just going to have to wait.
We really want to work on Pre-Calculus and Calculus.
Pre-Calculus is going to be a HUGE section, as be are including College Algebra as well.

New Updates Never End!
As major areas reach the end of their current updating process, please understand that the concept of "updating" never ends. We seem to be continually finding new items we want to include in our materials. We still have piles for each level that include new ideas we want to develop. So, even if your section is currently "complete", there will still be new things coming your way in the future.
Now, if someone could just put more than 24 hours in one day,
it would be most helpful!!! Smiles!


Live long and love math,
Fred and Donna



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