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September, 2023, Volume 17, Issue 9

Back to School!

Welcome back to the exciting world of education, and especially to mathematics!!! Okay, so I have a little bias!

Attention Subscription Folks!
The generic student passwords (for the interactive materials) have undergone their August changes. Please refer to the Interactive Materials page to get the new logins and passwords for your students.

Our materials no longer carry any references to the old Common Core State Standards. We have found that administrators and educators no longer have any interest in such references, with some expressing a desire to never see such associations again. We agree that it is time to move on!!
We are, however, designating which of our materials are compatible with the "NEW" NY Next Generations Standards.

Our Material Updates!

Our material updates are geared at "sprucing up", "updating" and introducing "new" materials to our Notebook and subscription areas. In addition, we are including a system for pointing out which materials are compatible with the new NY Next Generation Standards. While we are not dropping any of our previous materials, you may see certain materials labeled as "amended", indicating that minor changes have been made. Our goal has always been (and continues to be) to present a package of "universal" materials in each heading area. We have seen that most school districts across the US follow a surprisingly common set of standards for their mathematics instruction, regardless of what they "call" those standards. We strive to offer a wide collection of materials that will hopefully meet the needs of a wide variety of users.

Under current update: Algebra 1

Regarding Algebra 1 Updates!
Updates for Algebra 1 are rolling along. We are excited about a few "new" ideas that we will be including in the updates.

To minimize interference with your current use of our materials:
• no MathBitsNotebook pages will be removed until their updates are completely finished. New pages will appear as they are completed.

• no current MathBits Subscription materials will disappear, but may undergo updating. New materials are appearing as they are completed. Designations are included as to which materials are compatible with NY Next Generation Standards. While our materials are not geared solely for the Next Genearations Standards, they do address ALL of those standards.

Listings of changes: Each major heading area has a link to a page listing all of the amendments that have been made, and new materials for that heading area.

For JrMath Subscription Folks!

Thank you for your kind words regarding your area updates!
Comments so far have been very positive regarding the updates.
(There will still be occasional new additions coming.)
We hope that you find the new materials and upgrades helpful.
We tried our best to assign materials by grade level, but remember that you can cross over into any of the three grades levels at any time.
Please let us know if you run into any problems, or if you have any requests. Contact:


Geometry and Algebra 2 FOLKS: Now that our updating is in the high school arena with single courses, our pace is moving more quickly. We feel confident, at this point, that we will be able to finish updates to these areas prior to Next Gen testing in that area.


PreCalculus FOLKS: We apologize again for pushing PreCalculus back. As we have stated, the problem with PreCalculus is it's size - so many topics due to so many varying school curricula. We have a good start, but there is still an enormous amount left to do.
With the arrival of the new NY Next Generation standards, it would not have been possible for us to finish PreCalculus and update for Next Gen before the Next Gen testings were underway. So, we chose to update first. Again, we apologize. Know that we truly LOVE this area and we will get it going.

Live long and love math,
Fred and Donna



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