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Welcome to "TI-84+ Caching"
Introductory Level Skills
(Appropriate for beginning users or to refresh existing skills.
References math concepts through Algebra 1. )

You are searching for 8 hidden internet boxes. You have just found the first box. Clues to finding the remaining boxes depend upon your basic knowledge of your TI-84+ Graphing Calculator. Good luck!

Before you begin: Be sure the calculator is set to default mode, as shown at the right. Hit the MODE key and be sure all entries are highlighted on the left. If not, use your arrow keys to move to the left and press ENTER to highlight, as you arrow down the screen.

Now, answer the following 7 questions.
mode screen
Box 1 - Basic Calculator Information:
1. Which numbered choice shows the keystrokes used to find the calculator's individual ID number?
1) 2ndplusone 2) 2ndplus2
3) 2ndplusfive 4) 2ndplusseven
Be sure to record your calculator's ID number. It can be used to identify your calculator if lost.




2. Press the key pattern 2ndthen upfive times in a row, then press the key pattern 2ndthen down five times in a row. Which numbered choice best explains what is happening?
1) The print size on the screen gets larger then smaller.
2) The screen contrast gets darker then lighter.
3) The screen display size gets larger then smaller.
4) The calculator turns off then back on.




3. Press y=. You have now left the "Home Screen" work area of the calculator. Which numbered choice shows the keystroke(s) that will return you the "Home Screen"?
1) clear 2) 2ndmath 3) 2ndmode 4) del




4. Press 10.2345 times 20.465 enter. Which numbered choice shows the keystrokes that will return this multiplication problem to the screen without retyping?
1) 2ndsign 2) 2ndenter
3) 2nddel 4) 2ndapps



5. Type in 1234567899 and hit enter. Then type in 12345678999 and hit enter. Which numbered choice shows your answers (in order)?
1) 1234567899 and 12345678999  
2) 1234567899 and 1.2345678E10  
3) 1234567899 and 1.2345679E10  
4) 1.2345679E9 and 1.2345679E10  



6. You have been playing games on your calculator and everything appears to be messed up now that you are in math class. You need to reset the calculator back to its default settings. Which numbered choice will reset the calculator to its default settings?
1) 2nd+722  
2) clear  
3) 2ndmode  
4) 2nd+3enter  





7. Because of the extensive number of menus on the calculator, it can often be difficult to remember where to find an item. When this happens, look for the item in the CATALOG, where items are listed in alphabetic order. Which numbered choice will open the CATALOG?
1) 2nd+24  
2) 2nd+one  
3) 2nd0  
4) There is no catalog.  


Read carefully!!
Form a 7-digit number using your answers in order. Place this answer in the address below (following the capital etters "GC"), and type the address into your browser to find the next hidden box.