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Box 1
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Welcome to the "BasicCaching"
version of MathCaching!
(This level is for basic math skills.)

You are searching for 10 hidden internet boxes. You have just found the first box. Clues to finding the remaining boxes depend upon your ability to solve basic math problems. Good luck!

Solve the following 3 problems:

1. Which numbered expression is the same as 1a?
1) choice 1

2) choice2    

3) choice3

4) choice4

2. Find the value of: 12


3. Cane measures the height of a fence to be 2 yards. How many inches tall is the fence?


Read carefully!!
Find 10 times the product of all three of your answers. Place this answer in the address below (following the capital letter "B"), and type the address into your browser to find the next hidden box.