Happy Holidays
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Welcome to the "HolidayCaching"
version of MathCaching!

There are 12 hidden internet boxes divided into four levels. You have just found the first box. Clues to finding the remaining boxes depend upon your ability to solve the associated math problems. Difficulty increases with each level. Good luck!

Level 1: Solve the following 5 problems:

The tale of a partridge in a pear tree:

A partridge, named Pete, is enjoying his fill in a local pear tree. He calls five of his friends to join him in the tree.

1. If Pete eats 4 pears in 30 minutes, how many pears will he eat in 2 hours and 15 minutes? (Assume Pete eats at a constant rate.)


2. If all of the partridges eat at this same rate, how many pears will they eat in 1 hour and 45 minutes? (Assume the birds eat at a constant rate.)

3. The total number of pears eaten by Pete and two of his friends, Tweet and Honk, (during this visit to the pear tree) were in the ratio of 2 : 3 : 5 respectively. If Pete ate 12 less pears than Honk, how many pears did Tweet eat during this time?


4. Being healthy eaters, partridges know that pears contain 30% more potassium than apples. If an apple offers 160 mg. of potassium, and Pete eats 6 pears, how many milligrams of potassium will he consume?




5. During last week's visit to this same pear tree, Pete ate 3 times as many pears as Tweet, and Tweet ate 5 fewer pears than Honk. If together the boys ate 25 pears, how many pears did Honk eat during last week's visit?




Read carefully!!
Find the sum of all five answers. Multiply this sum by the answer to question #1. Place this answer in the address below (following the capital letter "H"), and type the address into your browser to find the next hidden box.