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Examining the Keys

Labeled Screen

Yes, there are a lot of keystrokes to master when using this calculator. But, don't panic! Many of the keys are similar to those used on your computer.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the main operational keys.

As you begin to move around the calculator, certain keystrokes will emerge as repeated commands and will quickly become familiar.

Let's take a look at some of the more common keys and keystrokes:

ESC and TAB work just as they do on a computer keypad.
When stuck, try one of these keys.

To "move" within MENUS, hit TAB.
To UNDO an entry, hit CTRL - ESC (and repeat to remove numerous entries)

SHIFT acts as the "Shift" key or "Caps Lock" key. It will remain "on" until turned off.

CLEAR is the "BackSpace", removing one space at a time to the left.

grab hand in the center of the Nav Pad, is the "Click" button. It is similar to the left click on a mouse button.

control key + Menu is equivalent to the right click on a mouse button. Its symbol is RIGHT CLICK.

To find the "grab" cursor, press control and the click button:

control key + grab hand OR hold down the grab hand


Notice that the Alphabet Letters appear on raised green keys. With the use of the CAPS key, the letters can be used in upper or lower case.

Notice around the outer edge, a series of raised keys that contain many of the commonly used references - i, pi, theta, comma, etc.

Notice the operations keys
( =, <, >) on the outer and upper left side of the keypad.

Keys Only


The use of the CTRL key will produce some popular symbols "hiding" under the edge keys.

contol operated keys


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