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Holiday Caching Game

In an effort to create a Holiday goodie that all can enjoy, we developed a Holiday Caching Game with a bit of a twist. This game contains 12 boxes with sections for all grade levels (7-12).

Boxes 1 - 3
Level 1 - Basic Math

Student Worksheet
Topics: ratio, percentages, area, perimeter, circumference, Pythagorean Theorem, logical reasoning. Word problems.
Boxes 4 - 6
Level 2 - Algebra 1

Student Worksheet
Topics: algebraic expressions, area, perimeter, mean, solving linear equations, circumference, quadratic equations, exponents, order of operations, logical reasoning. Word problems.
Boxes 7 - 9
Level 3 - Geometry

Student Worksheet
Topics: types of angles and triangles, Pythagorean Theorem, parallel lines and angles, congruent triangles, quadratic equations,logical reasoning. Word problems.

Boxes 10 - 12
Level 4 - Algebra 2

Student Worksheet
Topics: functions, basic trigonometry, exponential expressions, linear quadratic systems, inequalities, polynomials, equations of circles, area of circles, logical reasoning. Word problems.

A CERTIFICATE is available at the end of each Level.

Teachers can assign ONLY the Boxes that apply directly to their grade level, or, they can assign ALL of the Boxes leading up to their grade level.

We tried to keep the topics appropriate for a class that has only been in session a little over 3 months. Your Level may see problems that were developed in the later part of the previous grade level.

Answer Keys for Teachers: e-mail from a school email address.

The ANSWER KEYS will show you where each Level begins.

(More directions on playing Caching Games.)

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