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T A B L E    of    C O N T E N T S

Screen displays will show the TI-84 Plus
and/or the TI-84 Plus CE.


  TI-84+ Caching Game - Introductory Level
Questions are designed to be applicable to the TI-84+ family
in both "MathPrint" and "Classic" modes.

TI-84+ Egg0 Series Interactive Game
"Calculator Know How"

Level: Beginning to Intermediate Users of TI-84+ family of graphing calculators.
(Applicable to both "MathPrint" and "Classic" modes.)

(Could also be played with other calculators.)
Also available for touch screens (iPads).
TI-84+ Egg0 Series Interactive iPad Game
(This link for touch screens only)

Geometry Logo
Geometry Topics
Dynamic Geometry with Cabri Jr.
From the TI website:

• Menus for Cabri Jr.

Trig Logo
 Trigonometry Topics
"Using the TI-84+ family"
Quick Reference Sheet
Algebra 2 Level
page 1 - Algebra & Stats

"Using the TI-84+ family"
Quick Reference Sheet
Algebra 2 Level
page 2 - Trigonometry

"Using the TI-84+ family"
Quick Reference Sheet
(AP Statistics)


Calculus Logo
Calculus Topics

This section is not complete. Further development is on the list "to be done".


Using the CBL 2 and CBR


Teacher Logo
Information for Teachers.
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Graphing Calculator Robot

TI Innovator Rover (robot)

Our Robot
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